How Did Smyrna Get Its Name?


Ancient church in Smyrna (now Turkey)

Smyrna, Georgia actually got it’s name from a religious background. The apostle Paul founded a church called Smyrna in what is now known as Turkey.

A Biblical term, the word Smyrna was first used by churches established in the area. The Methodists’ gathering place later became known as the Smyrna Camp Ground.

After incorporating Smyrna as a Georgia municipality in 1872, the city’s founders kept the name.

Know, Smyrna is known as “The Jonquil City” for the yellow-blooming flowers that grow abundantly in the area. Samuel Taylor and his family received a burlap sack of jonquil bulbs from their son living in Washington state. This is thought to be the start of the bloom.

There are 37 other cities named Smyrna in the U.S. To learn more about THIS Smyrna, click here.