Smyrna Celebrates 145th Anniversary

smyrna-145-celebrationThe city of Smyrna, Ga celebrated its 145th anniversary last Saturday at the Smyrna Market Village. There was music, fireworks, and even a 12 foot tall cake!

The city charter actually lists Smyrna’s incorporation date as September 6, 1897, but the city celebrates it the first weekend every August.

There were lots of children’s entertainment including face painters, stilt-walkers, and moonwalk. Food vendors served yummy barbecue. McEntyre’s Bakery made the cake, and also handed out 2,500 strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla cupcakes, with the help of Campbell High School football players and cheerleaders.

The music was provided by local artists Tim Purcell and the Mustangs, as well as Banks and Shane. There is lots of history in Smyrna, you should check it out!

Smyrna Library Hosts Kid’s Engineering Program

In Smyrna, every Friday in June and July, there is an event called DaVinci Days, held at the Public Library. The program was created for families with children six and older, and teaches them to work together. Each week they will learn basic tools and concepts of engineering. Made possibly by a grant from Croy Engineering, these activities require some dexterity and advanced level thinking.

This Friday, kids will learn to build bridges with K’NEX. Below is the schedule for the whole series.

When: Fridays in June/July
             2 – 3pm

Where: Smyrna Public Library
              100 Village Green Circle
              Smyrna, Ga 30080

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Early Kindergarten Program Opens at Belmont Hills Elementary

smyrna-belmont.jpgSmyrna’s Belmont Hills Elementary is launching an inaugural program called Early Kindergarten. The aim is to give students a head start educationally. This year 22 students entered.

While kindergarten for most children in CCSD will start on July 31, the Early Kindergarten program will allow participants to get a jump on their prerequisite skills, build relationships earlier with teacher and form tighter bonds with their classrooms.

“Our focus is on academic preparedness,” Superintendent Chris Ragsdale said in a news release. “Our job is to make sure we move students from kindergarten through first grade. We are making sure the students who are coming to Early Kindergarten are getting access to early learning.”

The students are expected to graduate from kindergarten in May 2018. To learn more about stuff in Smyrna, click here!

The Get Right Band Playing at Smyrna Market Village

smryna-get-it-rightThe Get Right Band is playing at the Smyrna Market Village this Saturday from 7pm – 10pm.

The band is known for their hip-shaking sound with an alternative root, combining catchy, clever songwriting with musical expertise and fearless improvisation. Similar artists include The Black Keys, Jack White, Sublime, James Brown and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

When: Saturday, June 10
             7 – 10pm

Where: Smyrna Market Village
              100 Village Green Circle
              Smyrna, Ga 30080

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Smyrna Library Hosts DaVinci Days

smyrna-library-davinci-daysThe Smyrna Library is hosting a series of programs for families called DaVinci Days! The activities are meant for children ages six and up, and require some advanced level thinking and dexterity, and teach families to work together.

This event is held every Friday in June and July and each time will explore basic tools and engineering concepts. Croy Engineering gave a grant for this program to be possible.

This is the schedule for the summer:

June 2 – Build Simple Machines with K’NEX (gears, levers and pulleys)

June 9 – Transform Rotary Motion into Linear Motion

June 16 – Wind Turbines: Harness the Power of Wind

June 23 – Catapults: Harness the Power of Potential Energy

June 30 – Build Bridges with K’NEX

July 7 – Open Build with Keva Planks

Join us for a guaranteed fun time!

When: Friday, June 2
             2 – 3 pm

Where: Smyrna Public Library
              100 Village Green Circle
              Smyrna, Ga 30080

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