Reserve Your Table for Smyrna’s Concert Series!

kimberly-mears-30423.jpgEvery summer, the City of Smyrna hosts concerts where everyone is invited. The concert is held in the Smyrna Market Village, off Atlanta Road. This year’s concert dates are June 10 and July 15. There will also be a Smyrna birthday celebration will be August 5.

Tables for the June 10 and July 15 concerts are $30/concert for residents. The August 5 birthday celebration tables are $40 for residents. You can reserve them online here or you can visit the Wolfe Center at 884 Church St. to reserve your tables in person.

Reservations are made on a first come-first served basis and are limited to two (2) tables per party per concert.  Tables are 48” rounds with seating for six (6).  There will be no refunds for no-shows. Cancellations must be made one week prior to the concert date to be eligible for a refund.

For more information about the lovely City of Smyrna, see here!


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