Smyrna City Councils Approves New Plan of Riverview Landing Development

smyrna-RiverviewLandingFor awhile, plans have been in the works for Riverview Landing, a residential space on the Chattahoochee River. The Smyrna City Council approved plans for the development to move forward, at a smaller scale that the original plan of a mini-city from Jamestown Developers.

This development from the Ardent Construction would have 600 residential units, with a mix of 65 single-family houses, 233 townhomes, and 310 units in a mulit-family building. Townhomes will start in 200Ks, and go up to 400K for river-facing units.

The land is currently used as an REI Outdoor School outpost and recreation venue, which will stay put after development of Riverview Landing. The only retail space that could still be built in the development is 3,000 square foot space that may become a coffee shop open to the public eventually.

Construction could begin soon, so be on the lookout!

For more information on new development in Smyrna and facts about the Jonquil City, click here.smyrna-RiverviewLanding-3smyrna-RiverviewLanding-1smyrna-RiverviewLanding-2



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