Chef Brings Latin Flare to Smyrna with New Restaurant Porch Light

zercher-homes-smyrna-Porch-Light-Latin-KitchenChef Andre Gomez is bringing a Latin flare to the Smyrna Market Village with his new restaurant Porch Light. Growing up in Puerto Rico, Gomez has fond memories of the smell of the grill and radiance of the porch light his family ate under. He wanted his customers to share this experience with him. Part restaurant, part punch counter, and part Latin Quarter deli, Porch Light fuses together to form an ambiance that is noisy and bustling, just like Gomez likes it.

With influences from not only his grandparents in Puerto Rico, but also steakmaster Kevin Rathbun (he trained under him), Gomez brings flavors rich in Spanish and South American culture to a menu that will surely be talked about. Besides the amazing meat spread, Porch Light features an assortment of sides such as yucca fries, plantains, moles, street corn, and other tasty snacks. Porch Light promotes local business by using the freshest proteins, veggies, and fruits from nearby farms.

Porch Light could easily become the new hotspot in Smyrna for happy hours after work (the restaurant features indie craft beers and small vineyard wines by the glass), meet-ups with friends on the weekend, or take-out nights for your family during the week. This new Latin Kitchen provides all of its customers great food, a vibrant waitstaff, and something new and fresh for everyone to enjoy.

You can visit the Porch Light Latin Kitchen at 300 Village Green Circle Ste. 110 in the Smyrna Market Village. With tons of new restaurants popping up, Smyrna has become one of the fastest growing suburbs in Atlanta. For information about Smyrna’s real estate, visit here.


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