Two New Subdivisions Approved in Smyrna

cropped-smyrna-jenniferphoto3.jpgThe Smyrna City Council approved the development of two subdivisions on May 22. One will be 33 single-family homes on 11.3 acres on Old Concord Road, and the other will be 23 townhomes on 2 acres on Elmwood Drive.

The 11.3 acres will be annexes into the city in June. The prices for the homes will be from $280,000 to $430,000 for the townhomes.


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Mother and Son Superhero Date Night

steven-libralon-570406-unsplashThere will be a Mother and Son Superhero Date Night at the Smyrna Community Center on Friday, June 1. There will be all kinds of superhero activities, including an obstacle course, superhero games, a strength test, photo booth, and so much more! There will be pizza too! The cost is $25 for a couple that lives in the City of Smyrna, and $35 for couples that don’t. If you want to bring another son, the cost is $10 for residents and $15 for non-residents. This event is for superheros age 3 – 10.

The event is from 5 – 8pm. You can register here. For more info about Smyrna Market Village, click here!


Opening Day of Braves Today

smyrna-braves-opening-day2The Braves have their first game of the 2018 season tonight at SunTrust Stadium. They are playing the Philadelphia Phillips at 4:10pm.

Led by Freddie Freeman and manager Brian Snitker, the Braves were surrounded by fans taking photos and video during a parade at noon down the Battery Walk and into the stadium. To see more of what’s going on in Smyrna, click here!


New Smyrna Neighborhood Approved

smyrna-epic-homesA new Smyrna subdivision was approved by the City Council. The builder, Epic Homes, will build the neighborhood of 15 homes on Concord Road and Old Concord Road.

The total acreage is 4.2 acres. Cobb County will keep 9,000 square feet that will become a park at the intersection of Old Corner Road and Concord Road.

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Open Container is Now Allowed in Smyrna Market Village

jez-timms-128933-unsplash.jpgSmyrna recently passed a new ordinance saying you can walk around outside the Smyrna Market Village with an open container of alcohol.

Smyrna City Council Members approved a new rule that will allow bar and restaurant patrons to take their drinks to go as long as they remain in the downtown restaurant District.

Here are the rules of the ordinance:

• You can only have one drink per patron

• The drink must be purchased inside the Smyrna Market Village

• The drink must be in a paper or plastic cup, so means no glass, cans or bottles

• The drink has to be smaller than 16 ounces

• Drinking is allowed from 11 a.m. to midnight

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